Disortions of a Beauty Queen




 I feel like this picture greatly represents what the average teenage girl goes through in this generation and if I’m talking to anyone it would be myself. I’ve always battled with my body trying to attain that bikini body that everyone wants. Well you know what I’m sick of trying to be something that I wasn’t made to be or do. I look at these pictures on pinterest of these itty bitty girls and I think ” I want to look just like that”, but you know what no one has any ideas of what goes on behind the scenes of those girls lives. I mean for all we know they could be starving themselves to stay thin. I know for a fact that that is SO NOT what I want. I mean I’m not discounting working out at the gym or wanting to eating healthy, but there comes a point when enough is enough. I know that it’s really hard to like what you see in the mirror which is why I encourage everyone to find that one thing to just write on your mirror so you see it everyday and no matter what’s going it’s there to just encourage you to just keep going and not give in to society’s views of a beauty queen ❤


Knights in Shining Armor NOT as Shiny as They Used to be

Every girl whether she admits it or not wants a guy like Ryan Gosling from The Notebook and Channing Tatum in The Vow.  We all want a guy who cares about us and respects us and loves us for who we are.  It seems definitely close to impossible to find a guy like that especially in this generation.  Now guys are more focused on who they can snatch up for the weekend or who’s the next victim for their dashing looks and charming personality.  I know that it can get really lonely sometimes especially when you’re sitting at home watching those romantic movies, but don’t and I repeat DON’T bring yourself down to their level and becoming just another object for them to play with.  It will only make you feel worse because it comes with a cost and you lose some of yourself till you have nothing left.  I know that it really does stink not having a boyfriend, but would you rather have a reputation of a girl who has had a million boyfriends or a girl who respects herself enough not to become an object. Do you really want to got through a million jerks for boyfriends just to get to the one you could have waited for.

I know that the kind of guy I want to date shouldn’t have a reputation with the ladies because I want to feel genuinely important when I’m around him.  I want to know that he is only focused on me and not have to worry about him playing me for the next pretty little thing.   Now I know what you’re thinking,”This chick has some crazy unrealistic expectations.”  Well yeah I know they are high expectations, but that makes it even more worth waiting for someone like that.   I know that you are worth waiting for and are worth anyone’s time.  Yeah it can get really hard at times waiting for it, but you won’t regret it.  Any guy would be lucky to call you theirs and any guy who says other wise well just keep on walking.

The Dangers of an All You Can Eat Buffet Dresser


Guys aren’t hard to impress all they need is a skirt that is a little too short or a shirt that is a little too low and you have their full attention.  Yeah it feels good to have their full attention and the stares, but think about the kind of guys that you are attracting.  The girls who dress like sexy and are obviously trying to get attention are only going to attract guys who have one night stands and then leave you in the dust moving on to the next pretty little thing. There was a quote that said, “Immodesty is like rolling around in the mud yes you get attention, but only from pigs.”  That is an absolute true to life quote.  Think about it you want a guy who respects your values, who loves you and who just wants to take care of you.  Well you’re not going to find him by dressing like a steak instead of a salad.  You are most likely going to find someone like that trying to stay away from the in crowd.  You and dressing modestly isn’t dressing like a nun it is just putting a tank top under that low cut shirt or not wearing those shorts that you know or too small.                 


It is hard for a guy to practice self control as it is and the one who does are the ones that you should be around.  You want a guy to focus on you, your personality, and your beauty not your boobs or you butt.  How you can try to make sure he is doing that is dressing better and like I said that doesn’t mean dressing like a nun.  I shop at hollister all the time, but what makes the difference is that I make sure I am  buying stuff that isn’t too short or shows my stomach.  Yeah honestly it can get a little annoying having to put a tank top on underneath shirts, but I do because I don’t want guys looking at my chest instead of my face.  A guy should enjoy your face and your personality not your boobs or butt.