Disortions of a Beauty Queen




 I feel like this picture greatly represents what the average teenage girl goes through in this generation and if I’m talking to anyone it would be myself. I’ve always battled with my body trying to attain that bikini body that everyone wants. Well you know what I’m sick of trying to be something that I wasn’t made to be or do. I look at these pictures on pinterest of these itty bitty girls and I think ” I want to look just like that”, but you know what no one has any ideas of what goes on behind the scenes of those girls lives. I mean for all we know they could be starving themselves to stay thin. I know for a fact that that is SO NOT what I want. I mean I’m not discounting working out at the gym or wanting to eating healthy, but there comes a point when enough is enough. I know that it’s really hard to like what you see in the mirror which is why I encourage everyone to find that one thing to just write on your mirror so you see it everyday and no matter what’s going it’s there to just encourage you to just keep going and not give in to society’s views of a beauty queen ❤


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